Accountable Florida Poll Shows Florida Voters Expect Lawmakers to Protect Their Rights 

Tallahassee, FL — As recent committee testimony has shown, Floridians understand when their rights are being taken away, and they overwhelmingly oppose it.  

As Florida lawmakers expand much-needed affordable housing in the state, the Accountable Florida public opinion survey shows citizens want the Legislature to stay tough on crime, and not let California developers get away with building neighborhoods that attract rapists, murderers, and human traffickers without any safeguards or consequences.  

While insurance companies want to limit medical payments, blame motorcyclists for injuries caused by others when they are following the law and exercising their right to ride free in Florida, and deny healthcare coverage outright, Florida voters have spoken, and they want lawmakers to say no to HB 837/SB 236.  

The poll of more than 1,000 registered voters was conducted March 15-19. Read the poll.

About Accountable Florida  

Accountable Florida is a 501c4 dedicated to raising citizen voices and ensuring lawmakers hear from their constituents about how laws or proposed legislation would directly affect them. 

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