Florida is under attack! We must protect our rights. Florida lawmakers have passed legislation that severely limits the rights of every citizen in Florida and limits access to the courts. Governor Ron DeSantis signed the law, which became effective on March 24, 2023.  It’s now more important than ever that we all stand up and protect our rights! 

If we don’t Globalist Goliath insurance companies will continue this attack on the rights of every Floridian. Why are they doing this? These globalist corporate entities are more interested in growing their own profits than upholding their contract with policyholders. 

When companies don’t uphold their contract with us, we should have the ability to hold them accountable. Our ability to do that is becoming more and more limited in Florida. 

We must protect our rights. We must protect our ability to hold responsible parties accountable. That is fair and we expect lawmakers to stand up for the people of Florida – NOT greedy corporate Goliaths and the insurance industry. 

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