Tampa Times: Florida could make it harder to sue polluters, assisted living owners

The bills are backed by powerful business groups.

SB 1252/HB 347 Pesticide Resellers and Applicators

Under this legislation, people wouldn’t be allowed to sue businesses that distribute, sell or apply pesticides unless the businesses were involved in manufacturing or modifying the pesticide.

Sen. Jay Collins, R-Tampa, said the bill was important after a 2016 lawsuit against Monsanto’s parent company resulted in a $290 million verdict in California. It was later reduced to $21.5 million.

In that case, a school groundskeeper claimed the company’s Roundup product caused his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A California jury ruled that the company disregarded the dangers around its pesticide’s active ingredient, glyphosate. (The Environmental Protection Agency’s opinion is that the ingredient is not harmful.)

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